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Top 5 Benefits of Masala Tea

Masala tea is originating from Ayurveda. It is the warm sweet beverage with significant aroma and health benefits. It is known for its taste. It has a soothing and refreshing flavor. Brewing black tea, milk and sugar with few Indian spices such as Cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper, and fresh ginger. Many add herbs and spices according to their taste preference. It is loaded with innumerable medicinal benefits. Masala tea is a mix of medicines which soothes your body and soul.

Here are the top benefits of masala tea are:

1. Depression and Anxiety
Masala tea acts as a refreshment and relieves from depression and anxiety. The caffeine content of masala tea helps to restore a sense of energy and vitality. Mood swings can be handles with masala tea. Cardamom in masala tea helps to control feeling on mood swings. Starting a day with a cup of masala tea reduces the chances of bad day.

2. Digestive Problem
Masala tea enhances digestion process. It eliminates all the problems related to digestion. The herbs and spices used in making masala tea help to cure all the digestive problems. Each spice and herb are specialized in dealing with several digestive ailments such ginger is for stomach ache, pepper for gastric juices and etc.

3. Inflammation
It holds anti-inflammatory properties. Widely this tea is used for drinking during sick days. It cures chronic diseases and is a must for people suffering from arthritis. As such masala tea is an Ayurveda drink with no steroids and only herbs to it.

4. Weak Immunity
Spices and herbs used in masala tea help in strengthening immunity. Ginger and cardamom hold immunity boosting properties. They boost immunity and protect the body from disease-causing germs.

5. Prevents Cancer
Masala tea is fully loaded with antioxidants which fight cancer, it prevents building of cancer causing cell. The ant oxidation value of masala tea reduces the chances of cancer. People suffering from cancer should consume one cup of masala tea to improve their health.


Top 5 Benefits Of Drinking Tea

Tea is the best beverage since it can be served iced and hot. There are plenty reasons to have a drink but tea is a drink where you don’t need a beverage ever. It is a flavourful liquid with properties to boosts energy. A drink which turns out of a plant, Camellia sinensis taste best when mixed with milk. Tea is the best refreshment.

Every food and drink have an benefits and harm on our body but we tend to consume it. Tea has multiple benefits even if you consume it more. One can never avoid tea after knowing its benefits.

Here are the benefits of the tea:

1. Best Antioxidant
Your body needs specific food intake which has antioxidant properties. Antioxidants prevent body from weakness and diseases. It helps the body to fight germs and keep it young and healthy.

2. Less Caffeine
Tea has less amount of caffeine when compared to coffee. Herbal tea has no caffeine and traditional teas have 50 percent less caffeine than coffee. Consumption of tea is now beneficial than coffee as there are no effects on the nervous system.

3. Risk of Heart Health
Tea has properties with fight germs and regulates blood circulation. Tea reduces the risk of heart attack by 20 perfect and heart stroke by 25 percent, at least for those who drank 3-4 cups of tea a day. Tea such as green tea reduces the risk of heart attack by 35 perfect and reduces cholesterol levels.

4. Weight Loss
Green tea is a drink which works as multi-action. It is the best detoxifier for your body. Flushes out all the toxins and helps you to reduce weight. It rejuvenates your body.

5. Immune System
Tea is a drink for your immunity. The immune system plays a vital role when it comes to your well-being. It reduces the risk of falling sick often. Tea helps to strengthen your immune system and fight germ causing diseases.

Is Milk Tea Good For Health?

Tea is a refreshment drink. There is never a specific time to have tea. And in general, all drink tea for the taste and not the benefits. More than a billion people drink tea across the globe. There are many who have acquired a habit to drink a cup of tea every day. There are many who add milk to the tea without knowing its effect. Tea is the most pleasant liquid to enjoy the sessions. Indian and Chinese tea have active ingredients that affect our health. Tea has certain antioxidants and vitamins which are essential for our body. Tea is known for boosting the immune system, control blood pressure, and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Milk is a rich source of calcium, an essential mineral for healthy bones and teeth. It has other nutrients as well which helps to strengthen bone health. Milk helps to fight heart attacks, reduce depression and prevent cancer. It contains proteins which help to build muscles growth and repair. Milk is healthy for our body but when to mix with another ingredient it loses its potentiality. The nutritional breakdown of milk depends on the fat level it contains. milk should be stored in glass containers and it should be refrigerated. Drinking a glass of milk every day keeps your bones healthy and strong.

Tea with milk, taste more sweet and healthy. But that tea really healthy? Tea loses its properties when it is mixed with milk and milk also loses the calcium properties. The nutrition level might increase with the tea leaves and milk but the health benefits reduce. When milk is added to tea, it effects the benefits of the vascular system. Tea relaxes blood vessels but when mixed with milk it does not relax. Milk loses its protein proteins properties after mixed with tea. Having tea leaves and hot water is more suitable than the mixer and not with milk. A glass of milk is preferable at night.

Tips to Cure Fatigue

Top 5 Tips to Cure Fatigue and Boost Up Energy

People complained about bone tired, exhausted and drained often it is called as fatigue. Fatigue is a feeling restless and frustrated. This is feeling is more like overworked and feeling sleeping although it can curl you to your bed and forget you’re routine. It creeps your daily life in both physical and mental well-being. Working seems lazy and it is difficult to struggle this health problem.

Fatigue might happen daily or on your off days. It usually hits average age people. Here are simple reasons to boosts up energy and lowers down your aging process. Follow this simple tricks when you feel you are facing a problem of fatigue:

1. Deep Breathing
The moment you feel relentless and sleepy. Take a deep breath and repeat for few more times to remove tension and stress. Muscles get and tight and your breathing becomes shallow. This deep breathing helps to provide balance in the oxygen level that your body needs.

2. Drink Water
Your body tends to lose hydration for hours if you don’t know the proper amount of water. Keep your body hydrated so that you keep yourself fresh. Every cell of your body needs the proper amount of water your better well-being.

3. Get up & move
Fatigue is a health problem happening due to lack of exercising. Perform certain yoga poses and exercise on a daily basis would surely fight the problem of fatigue. Doing exercises in the morning is more preferable.

4. Listen to music
Listening music is like making your brains exercise. The rhythm and sound stay in the brain for a longer time which helps you get rid of uneasiness and frustration. Music diverts your brain and makes it active to start to work.

5. Ultra quick power nap
Power naps are helpful during working hours. Due to workload, one might feel drowsy which can lead to frustration and lethargic results. Having a 15-minute nap are healthy. They reduce fatigue faster.

boost immune system

6 Ways to Boost Immune System

The immune system plays the most vital role in keeping your body healthy. The immune system helps it keep strong with the high level of metabolism and boosting it in every process. The immune system defends you from the diseases causing micro-organisms. It protects from entering us and making us fall sick.

The immune system needs to be strong. It acts as a strong border between health and diseases causing germs. The weak immune system leads to frequent viral diseases and medication. Your body needs balance and harmony, which is gained by your immune system. There are many factors are related to the stronger immune system such diet plan, sleeping habits, drinking habits etc.

Here are 6 Ways to Boost Your Immune System:

1. Stop Smoking
The immune system needs to be balanced so as to function your system in the right way. Smoking affects your mouth health and lungs. It affects the metabolism of your system with the immunity. Quit smoking for better immunity.

2. Eat Green Vegetables and Fresh Fruits
Green vegetables have vitamins and minerals which help your body to stay healthy and fight germs carrying diseases. Boiled vegetables help you retain your immunity. Fresh fruits are juicy by taste. Consume fruits and have a glass of water after having it for better results. Eating every 2 hours is necessary but in small amounts.

3. Exercise Regularly
For stronger immunity, the most important thing is the metabolism of the food intake. Walking 2 miles a day is necessary. Exercising relieves your bones and joints from several health problems.

4. Maintain Weight
Gaining more weight can make you prone to various diseases. Lose weight and eat food which is healthy. With an increase in weight, there is an increase in the degree of you falling sick.

5. Drinking Habits
Drinking alcohol can be injurious. Occasional drinking is good for health but regularly drinking can make your liver and kidneys face serious health problems. It reduces your immunity.

6. Adequate Sleep
Sleeping 8 hours a day is necessary. Your body needs rest. Even if you don’t work your body needs to relax. Inadequate sleep can lead to a severe headache and ake your body restless. Thus, it does metabolize your food intake and your immune system gets weak.



Bone are very important for human body. They make your body look in shape. It gives an outline to your body. Bones help you give a proper body structure. Taking care of bone health is necessary. Building strong ones since childhood and adolescence is necessary. Bones stores calcium for strength and protects our organs. Building strong bones when you are young and protecting it in your adulthood is the best bone plan.

Bone health can be affected for various reasons such as food intake, an amount of calcium in your diet, physical activity, age, gender, hormone levels and eating disorders. Bones need calcium to help you stay strong and fit. Taking care of bone health is necessary. Below are few natural remedies for bone pain:

1. Epson Salt Soak:
The best natural remedy for your muscle pain and joint pain is shower with Epson salt. It helps reduce inflammation and provides quick relief. Usually, people who undergo trekking use this method for relief. In a bucket of hot water, add two cups of Epson salt and soak legs till the water cools down. It reduces pain and is the fastest pain reliever.

2. Hot and Cold Packs
During joint and muscle pain use hot and cold pack approach. Use hot pack on the infected area i.e. inflammation area and after 20 minutes apply with the ice pack. It helps to reduce pain and reduce the swelling.

3. Exercise
Regular exercising helps you keep your bone and joint strong and healthy. Doing morning exercises would help you stay fresh and healthy. Strong and healthy bones and joints would help you fight future injuries. Doing basic exercise every day would help you stay fit than practicing cardio regularly.

4. Weight Loss
Weight plays an important when it comes to your body. Gaining weight would increase strain on your joints and bones. Eating healthy food and quitting junk food would help you stay in shape and keep bones strong. Making your food intake in such a way that you consume the proper amount of calcium.

5. Diet Alterations
The best way to stay away from inflammation is to have food which is full of calcium and omega-3 fatty acids such as tofu, fresh green leafy vegetables. This wouldn’t get you weak and help you stay fit. It keeps you away from inflammation of the skin.



“Yoga is a journey of the self, to the self, through the self. “Yoga is a physical, mental and emotional exercise for oneself. It has its roots originated from India. IT’s broadly followed by Indian religious such as Hinduism. Buddhism and Jainism. Yoga word has its derivation from the Sanskrit word you. Yoga means union of individual consciousness. Yoga is years old concept on health body of knowledge. Yoga has developed over the years. It been spread across the globe.

Yoga has its essence on life with different ways to it. GyanYoga or philosophy, BhaktiYoga or path of devotional bliss, KarmaYoga or path of blissful action, and RajaYoga or path of mind control. This system balances body and unifies the various approaches to fitness. The practice is done for yoga is called yoga asna.

Yoga asna is a practice which has no age limit whether a kid or old man anyone can perform various yoga. One can do all the yoga’s just on a mat. According to the age group one understands the importance of the yoga. Several practices prevail in the world but the ones your body needs is understood ones you start working alignment and the mechanics of the pose to feel the inner you through asana.

Yoga is just not an exercise like stretch, bend or pull. It is where one feels peace.

Yoga is beneficial to body in both the ways let it be physical or mental. Increases your flexibility, gives a proper bend to your body, improves respiratory system that breathing is felt well, maintain the balanced metabolism and strengthens your immunity, and also protect the injury.

Yoga has a stronger impact on the mental health of the body. Stress is a health issue everybody faces. Simple solution to this health issue is yoga. Yoga helps your body to relax and recover the calmness one needs. Yoga incorporates meditation and breathing which helps to improves person’s mental health and wellbeing.

The idea is to explore your limits, not strive for some pretzel-like perfection. It is a great way to get in tune with your body and your inner self.


Successful people are successful not because of the good luck or money they earn it is because the good habits they adopt. They do things differently. Good habits are everything one should look forward for. Usually people who are working skip their meals on time, instead miss the minimum nutrition needed for the body.

Food is the main appetite everybody needs. It changes from person to person. Eating habits is very important. From having on meals on time to the basic nutrition level. Everything habit plays a vital role to your body. Moreover, fruits and green vegetable are must for a healthy lifestyle.

On the other hand, exercise plays significant role when it comes to your healthy body. Exercise pushes your body towards fitness and your strength. Walking down few miles every day keeps you fit and happy. Exercise keeps an effective track on food metabolism. Usually health issues occur with our immune system. Exercise helps you grow your immunity. Walking and running is the basic exercise one can perform. Push-ups, squats and many more helps to relax and refresh your body innumerable ways. Morning exercise has an advantage to your body as it relaxes your skin and muscles. Exercising in morning helps you to kick start your day.

Food and exercise is the only and the best way to your healthy body. Body needs nutrition, if you are under the minimum nutrition level you start facing the problems with the lack of vitamins and if you’re over eating than problems like obesity come into the picture. Improve eating habits for healthy you. Follow a diet chat or a day plan which has a food chart with daily workout plan. One can eat up to 275 grams in one meal why to stuff your stomach with more and one can walk up to 6000 steps a day why not stretch more! Your eating habits and workout make you healthy. One needs to work on oneself before it’s too late.

Every individual needs food and every human exercise in one or the other move but attempting to work for the right diet and workout plan is important. Work for yourself before your starts challenging you.

Benifits of Black Tea

Black Tea : Health Benefits and Risk

Black tea is more oxidised tea than other teas. Black tea is strong in taste than other teas. It has different processing methods. Black tea drinkers are quiet more. Black tea has caffeine to an extent.
Black tea benefits your health in many ways:

Drinking 2-3 cups of black tea everyday is good for your health.

1. Healthy Teeth
Tooth decay is a usual problem faced after specific age. Tooth pain is another issue which is faced by many. Drinking black tea everyday reduces chances of your tooth pain and decay. It cures your pain and also, helps fight decay.

2. Heart Diseases
Black tea drinker face less risk of heart stroke compared to non-black tea drinker. It lowers the risk of heart stroke by 21%. Every individual needs to look into healthy tea drinking habits.

3. Antioxidant Properties
Black tea contains polyphenols, which are antioxidants to DNA damage due to tobacco or other toxic chemicals. It provides nutrition which equal to fresh fruits and vegetables. This not only looks into overall nutrition level than that of the particular.

4. Cancer Protector
Due to polyphenol contain chances of cancer reduces at a great extent. Instead of looking for different cancer precautions, black tea manages the best antioxidants to prevent cancer. Women who drink 2-3 cups of black tea regularly have low chances of facing cancer.

5. Diabetes Control
Black tea regulates the blood sugar. It controls the blood sugar and looks for the diabetes patients and their sugar level. Diabetic patients should look into drinking more black tea.

6. Relaxation
Black tea is refreshment. Having black tea relaxes you body and mind.

Black tea is good for health but overdosing can be risky. Drinking to 2-3 cups a day is healthy for your body. Consuming more than 3 cups can be risky. It might cause headaches, irritation and restlessness.


The Health Benefits of Green Tea

Tea is a beverage in many countries. Initially, green tea was a medicine to thousands in china. Chinese used green tea to aid diseases and was known as herbal drink. With years passing, western world gained over the consumption of green tea. Later it was a drink for some but refreshment meant too many.

Green Tea is Consumed More Cause of Its Health Benefits:

  • Weight Loss:
    Now a day, getting in shape is the most important challenge. Everybody is looking out for ways to get fit. The challenge is be of specific size and shape. More the weight, more the health problems. Green Tea helps cut out weight and gets you in shape. It acts as detoxifier to your body.
  • Diabetes:
    Green tea controls blood sugar and regulates it. Having green tea everyday once or twice is healthy for all diabetic patients. Controlling blood sugar and making to no upward move.
  • Heart Diseases:
    Green tea functions heart in the best way. It takes care of heart and its circulation. Green tea has huge effect on heart. It also, prevents heart diseases.
  • Cholesterol:
    Green tea reduces bad cholesterol and maintains the mechanism of good and bad cholesterol. Cholesterol effects are great to after green tea consumption.
  • Brain Function:
    Green tea has caffeine in it which stimulates the brain functioning. It increases the effectively of brain health and makes you smarter.
  • Blood Pressure:
    People having anxiety problem face a problem of high blood pressure. Green tea reduces risk of high blood pressure.
  • Depression:
    Theanine is an amino acid found in tea leaves. This acid helps to relax your body and diverse effects on the green tea drinker.
  • Anti-bacterial Properties:
    Green tea has antibacterial properties which boosts your immune system and keeps your health protected with strong boundary of anti bacteria.
  • Skin Care:
    Green tea is has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities help skin fight aging and wrinkles. Green tea gives glow to your skin with the firm.
  • Cancer:
    Green tea has antioxidants which lowers the risk of cancer. Cancer is caused by uncontrolled growth of cells. Green tea reduces the risk of cancer.