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Bone are very important for human body. They make your body look in shape. It gives an outline to your body. Bones help you give a proper body structure. Taking care of bone health is necessary. Building strong ones since childhood and adolescence is necessary. Bones stores calcium for strength and protects our organs. Building strong bones when you are young and protecting it in your adulthood is the best bone plan.

Bone health can be affected for various reasons such as food intake, an amount of calcium in your diet, physical activity, age, gender, hormone levels and eating disorders. Bones need calcium to help you stay strong and fit. Taking care of bone health is necessary. Below are few natural remedies for bone pain:

1. Epson Salt Soak:
The best natural remedy for your muscle pain and joint pain is shower with Epson salt. It helps reduce inflammation and provides quick relief. Usually, people who undergo trekking use this method for relief. In a bucket of hot water, add two cups of Epson salt and soak legs till the water cools down. It reduces pain and is the fastest pain reliever.

2. Hot and Cold Packs
During joint and muscle pain use hot and cold pack approach. Use hot pack on the infected area i.e. inflammation area and after 20 minutes apply with the ice pack. It helps to reduce pain and reduce the swelling.

3. Exercise
Regular exercising helps you keep your bone and joint strong and healthy. Doing morning exercises would help you stay fresh and healthy. Strong and healthy bones and joints would help you fight future injuries. Doing basic exercise every day would help you stay fit than practicing cardio regularly.

4. Weight Loss
Weight plays an important when it comes to your body. Gaining weight would increase strain on your joints and bones. Eating healthy food and quitting junk food would help you stay in shape and keep bones strong. Making your food intake in such a way that you consume the proper amount of calcium.

5. Diet Alterations
The best way to stay away from inflammation is to have food which is full of calcium and omega-3 fatty acids such as tofu, fresh green leafy vegetables. This wouldn’t get you weak and help you stay fit. It keeps you away from inflammation of the skin.

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