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6 Ways to Boost Immune System

The immune system plays the most vital role in keeping your body healthy. The immune system helps it keep strong with the high level of metabolism and boosting it in every process. The immune system defends you from the diseases causing micro-organisms. It protects from entering us and making us fall sick.

The immune system needs to be strong. It acts as a strong border between health and diseases causing germs. The weak immune system leads to frequent viral diseases and medication. Your body needs balance and harmony, which is gained by your immune system. There are many factors are related to the stronger immune system such diet plan, sleeping habits, drinking habits etc.

Here are 6 Ways to Boost Your Immune System:

1. Stop Smoking
The immune system needs to be balanced so as to function your system in the right way. Smoking affects your mouth health and lungs. It affects the metabolism of your system with the immunity. Quit smoking for better immunity.

2. Eat Green Vegetables and Fresh Fruits
Green vegetables have vitamins and minerals which help your body to stay healthy and fight germs carrying diseases. Boiled vegetables help you retain your immunity. Fresh fruits are juicy by taste. Consume fruits and have a glass of water after having it for better results. Eating every 2 hours is necessary but in small amounts.

3. Exercise Regularly
For stronger immunity, the most important thing is the metabolism of the food intake. Walking 2 miles a day is necessary. Exercising relieves your bones and joints from several health problems.

4. Maintain Weight
Gaining more weight can make you prone to various diseases. Lose weight and eat food which is healthy. With an increase in weight, there is an increase in the degree of you falling sick.

5. Drinking Habits
Drinking alcohol can be injurious. Occasional drinking is good for health but regularly drinking can make your liver and kidneys face serious health problems. It reduces your immunity.

6. Adequate Sleep
Sleeping 8 hours a day is necessary. Your body needs rest. Even if you don’t work your body needs to relax. Inadequate sleep can lead to a severe headache and ake your body restless. Thus, it does metabolize your food intake and your immune system gets weak.

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