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Is Milk Tea Good For Health?

Tea is a refreshment drink. There is never a specific time to have tea. And in general, all drink tea for the taste and not the benefits. More than a billion people drink tea across the globe. There are many who have acquired a habit to drink a cup of tea every day. There are many who add milk to the tea without knowing its effect. Tea is the most pleasant liquid to enjoy the sessions. Indian and Chinese tea have active ingredients that affect our health. Tea has certain antioxidants and vitamins which are essential for our body. Tea is known for boosting the immune system, control blood pressure, and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Milk is a rich source of calcium, an essential mineral for healthy bones and teeth. It has other nutrients as well which helps to strengthen bone health. Milk helps to fight heart attacks, reduce depression and prevent cancer. It contains proteins which help to build muscles growth and repair. Milk is healthy for our body but when to mix with another ingredient it loses its potentiality. The nutritional breakdown of milk depends on the fat level it contains. milk should be stored in glass containers and it should be refrigerated. Drinking a glass of milk every day keeps your bones healthy and strong.

Tea with milk, taste more sweet and healthy. But that tea really healthy? Tea loses its properties when it is mixed with milk and milk also loses the calcium properties. The nutrition level might increase with the tea leaves and milk but the health benefits reduce. When milk is added to tea, it effects the benefits of the vascular system. Tea relaxes blood vessels but when mixed with milk it does not relax. Milk loses its protein proteins properties after mixed with tea. Having tea leaves and hot water is more suitable than the mixer and not with milk. A glass of milk is preferable at night.

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